Girl Chat: Hello Fall

Come, sit down. Grab a drink or turn it up. It’s about to be girl chit chat time! Join me with my best girls as we laugh hysterically talking about all things fall, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween costumes, tv shows, and our favorite right-now beauty products! Enjoy the podcast!

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Is This Our New Normal

This is a pissed off Robbie Page. I feel like I’m living in The Handmaid’s Tale with everything going on! Am I the only one feeling this way?!

What has happened to the land that I love?!
What has happened to the beautiful America that I love?!
What has happened to FREEDOM?!
What has happened to treating people with respect and kindness?!

We now live in a country where airlines are kicking off mothers with their children because their toddlers won’t wear a mask! WHAT IN THE...

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To All The Direct Sales Girls

To all my direct sales women, I LOVE YOU and I BELIEVE in YOU. We love to say we support small businesses, but are you supporting the small business of your direct sales friend. I have built not just one, but two multi-million dollar direct sales businesses, so YES I know exactly what it's like. This episode is to encourage and to tell you to put your crown back on your head and be proud of what you do. Because people need what you have and...

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Woman to Woman Conversation with Magen Reaves

I love to feature women on my podcast! Today I am beyond fired up to bring you an incredible life conversation with a beautiful friend, Magen Reaves. If you love real, women to women conversations about being a Mom, to being passionate and successful entrepreneurial woman, like I do, you will not want to miss this weeks episode. Magen is a power house that shares her everyday life, fashion tips, family, and all that she loves...

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A Life Conversation with Brian Page

This week I am bringing you a very special podcast with the one and only, Brian Page. A few months ago we sat down together and had a Facebook LIVE where I interviewed him about everything under the sun! From sports, to marriage and business, there's so much wisdom he gives, that I had to make this a podcast. I absolutely love when Brian shares his greatest victories, lessons learned and success in life and I know y'all will love...

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Dear Diary...Someone Is About To Win

business podcast May 24, 2020

Are you choosing to be happy? I sold out to the principal of being happy despite how I’m feeling. You VS. COVID-19, who is winning? Someone is going to come out a winner at the end of this. Is it going to be you? You’re either going to come out of this bitter or better. Rested or relentless. Good or great. Who should I put my bets on YOU or COVID-19? You get to choose. I know it feels hard some days, but I’m telling...

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Girl Chat: Ugh, Can't We All Just Get Along

Anyone else feeling DONE? Yes, I'm raising my hand with you. On this weeks podcast, Melissa Geoffrion joins me and we have a chat about how we are REALLY feeling about life during this quarantine time. Because what I really want to say is, "Can't we all just get along!" So this week we are going off the cuff and talking about real life here. If you need some girl chat time, we got you! Enjoy this weeks episode!

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Be that Woman with Michelle Bishop

I am so excited to bring you an incredible Boss Babe who is changing the world and what it means to work out at home. Michelle Bishop is a powerhouse woman on a mission to help other women conquer life through positive self talk, food freedom, and finding their undeniable confidence. Exclusively for all of my listeners, Michelle is gifting her FREE E-book! Click the link to download this amazing gift....

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This Is Me

This week on my podcast is a very raw, unedited, real Robbie! Last week I had my 3 Day Workshop: You and it was all about discovering who YOU are. Day 2 was so powerful, I knew more women need to hear it. I'm talking to the woman that is ready to stand up and say THIS IS ME! It’s time that the woman inside of you who has been ashamed of who you are, rises up. That woman who has allowed everyone else to decide who you should be to say, "enough is enough."...

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What Can You Catch

Does anyone else feel like their marriage is internally combusting during this season? Or is it just me? I'm not going to lie, I've let those little itty bitty things that Brian does get to me. The things that don't even matter! Here's the thing, I know better than that but this is real talk. I have decided to challenge myself because I don't want to be irritated with my husband during this whole time. So...I'm challenging you in your marriage, or with...

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