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Uncategorized Oct 10, 2018

How do we change this country? YOU do. I never want you to think that it’s CNN’s job, that it’s the President’s job, that it’s God’s job, or that it’s the church’s job, because really, it’s OUR job. I truly believe that if we were to become missionaries in our own country, things would be different. There’s a lot of people that need love. There’s a lot of insecure people. There’s a lot of people who don’t have bumpers on their lives. There’s a lot of people who don’t get wisdom. There’s a lot of people who don’t know the red letters. There’s a lot of people who are led to believe that the Bible is not for today. There’s a lot of people who think it’s not about doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. There’s a lot of people that believe that their feelings matter. I truly believe that when we make a difference in our own four walls - and when I say four walls I want you guys to hear me say your four walls at home - we also begin to make a difference in our cities, in our communities, and in the people that we know and love. 

It’s easy for us to be tired and go lock ourselves at home, go lock ourselves in the TV, or go lock ourselves in everything that we love. But when was the last time that you had several pairs of feet stomping through your house? When was the last time you had dirty carpet? When was the last time you had to go provide a meal? When was the last time you invited people over just so you can love on them?  

I’ve been talking to the my girls a lot. I feel like a book on the summer of 2010 is in order. Everything that we did that summer y’all was incredible. We changed legacies forever because we took the time to have people over. What happens is a lot of people want to wait and go to another country to make a difference, and I think that’s awesome. I do. I’m not putting down going to another country and making a difference. What I AM doing is endorsing you making a difference in your own country. Don’t wait for a seven day trip across the world so you can be different.  

Go today and make a difference. Go today and invite somebody to lunch. Gather people in your home for a Bible study. Gather people in your living room just to hang out and talk about life. Gather people in your living room to laugh and just have fun, minus the cursing, the alcohol and the ridiculousness.. Just have people over. Ultimately, church is a place where we should get refilled. Church is a place where we should sit for 52 minutes once, seven days a week. That’s it. It’s OUR job to make a difference 24/7.  

That summer of 2010, a lot of people came into our lives. A lot of people came to be fed, loved, nurtured, and to find out truths. We learned how to worship together. We learned about the Holy Spirit together. We learned how to be different together. We learned that there’s a wide gate and many will find it. We learned that there’s a narrow gate, and very few will find it. We learned how to seek the narrow gate together. We learned that everything you do matters. We learned that we have dominion over the earth. We learned that our response is our responsibility. We learned that the red letters mean everything. We learned that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. We learned that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. We learned all of that together. Why? Because we put ourselves in environments to make a difference within each other. To make a difference in our own city. To make a difference, I called it, in my summer orphans.  

A lot of people think that it’s only at an orphanage that you find orphans. But you know what? Cali Attwood was 21 years old, and she was an orphan spirit. What that meant was that she had no roots. She had no place to belong. She just literally would go. She was an orphan spirit. That doesn’t mean she was given up at birth. She was an orphan spirit. That began the journey that brought us to where we are today.  

You look at Matt and Brandi Gonzalez. They were a broken marriage, with broken lives and with broken truths. People told them truths, but it wasn’t truth. It was stuff that felt good. I could go on and on and on. Steven and Jamie Liles, the Geoffrions, the Perkins. You look at our Tribe, and it’s a culmination of people who were told “make me feel good” truths, and it was causing them to stumble. I think that’s the world that we live in today.  

That’s my heart this morning as I sit out here on my swing. I challenge you guys to turn CNN off. I challenge you guys to stop following the media. I challenge you guys to get out there and make common sense and biblical sense and vote. I pray that you guys will wake up today and make a difference around you and not just wait for a mission trip. I pray that you guys will care more about other people than you will about yourself. That also starts with social media, right? If you look at your social media, is the source self or is the source others? You can tell very easily. 

THAT is how we change the world, guys. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The President is the President. Your pastor is doing his job. It starts with you. It starts with YOU.  

That’s what I’ve done. When GOD tells me to move, I move. God tells me clearly when to teach another Bible study. God tells me clearly that it’s time for me to m-o-v-e. God tells me when it’s clearly the time to have another summer of 2010. God tells me clearly to wake up and pull in people who don’t know what I know and who don’t live the life that I live. It’s like what I’ve said on Facebook, the only difference that you should be seeking is the life that represents the promises that you’ve been promised. A life that represents the glory that you should have. A life that represents the fruits and warehouses overflowing with blessings that you should have. THAT is different. My life is different. Therefore, I want people to know why I’m different. Not because I look crazy, act stupid on social media, or have to be part of the world and all that. No. That’s not different you guys. You’re really being the same.  

When you act like everyone else, you’re the same. When you post like everyone else, you’re the same. My nephew said it very well. So many weird people want to be different, not realizing that by all of them wanting to be different, they’re really all the same. So be different. I challenge you guys: Represent a life that people say, like I did 8 years ago, “How do you have more blessings than me? I don’t understand that. How does everything in your life work out? Mine doesn’t. I don’t understand that.” 

That’s a life that’s different, and that’s what I chased. I've chased a life that looks different. I didn’t want it to look like everybody else’s life. Today, it looks different. Today, our income looks different. Today, our peace looks different. Today, our home looks different. Today, our circumstances look different. Today, our favor looks different. So what if we chased THAT kind of different? 

Who wants to do that with me?  

That’s my heart for you guys today. I’m going to continue to be different. I’m never going to be the same as everybody else. I’m going to be the little Finding Dory in the ocean. I don’t want to be like everybody else you guys. Everybody else is so different that they’re all the same. I want to live a life that people say, “Time out. If I could just spend ten minutes inside of her four walls and know what she knows, holy cow my life would be different!” That’s the kind of different I want to be. I want to live a life that people want to spend ten minutes with me to understand what I know, to ask what I read, to know what I think, to know why I’m different, to chase the narrow gate with me and leave the wide one. THAT is the different that I want to be. 

My name is Robbie Page. I am a missionary in the United States of America, 24/7, 365. And I don’t even have to raise money to do it. I just gotta show up and get it done. -- 


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