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I wanted to chat with you guys for a moment about momentum in life. Let's talk about momentum, stopping the momentum, and how difficult it is to start it again. I think a lot of times we live in “highs." Does anybody agree? I think we live, to a certain degree, intoxicated with our current situation. As I’ve been thinking about that, I’ve seen people intoxicated in an experience, only to go back and lose all hope. Then I’ve seen people intoxicated in, “Oh we just got married! Life is grand. We made it.” Then they just go backwards in marriage. I’ve seen people intoxicated in victories in business, only to sit down and become bitter in the lack of momentum that continues to happen. I’ve seen people so intoxicated by growth spiritually, and they get so excited at a conference that they swear they’re going to be this different person and that everything is going to change. But then life hits them, and they really just go back to normal.  

I want to really talk to you guys about momentum in your life, whether it be in your marriage, in your business, in your relationships, as a parent, in your quiet time, in an activity, in reading a book, or in showing up. How good are you really for how long? That’s what I want to know. We see this often at the beginning of the year. People are so excited. It’s a new year and they’re thinking, I’m going to be a new me. I’m going to do new thinking. I’m going to do new activity. I’m going to do new belief. But how good are you really for how long? I’m going to be a better wife. I’m going to be a better mom. I’m going to stop disrespecting. I’m going to stop being horrible. I’m going to stop saying those things. I’m going to stop doing, doing, doing. But how good are you really for how long? You even look at your business and think, It’s going to be a new year for me. It is. I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do. I’m going to talk to people. I’m going to get out there and make a difference. I’m going to achieve my goals this year. How good are you for how long?  

Breakthrough comes on the other side of fatigue. Breakthrough comes when you’ve got to figure out how to believe still. Breakthrough comes when you’re not seeing the results that you desire to see with a microwave mindset in the crockpot world that we live in. In the microwave, there’s no growth in that. There’s no sustenance in that. There’s no gratitude in that. There’s really not. Think about if we all got what we all wanted the second that we decided that it needed to be ours.  

I saw this with Reagen earlier in the year. He was on a journey. He drove from Austin to Lake Tahoe and skied. They then headed to Yosemite. A three day journey in the car. I said, “Reagen, these are the moments that relationships are formed - in the car." I’m 45 so I’ve just earned the right to fly. Both of my boys still love car rides because you have conversations. Put your stinkin’ phones down. I think the beauty of car rides when you’re on vacation is the service that you don’t have. So he said, “Mom, we’ve had so many fun conversations.” So I told him, “Here’s the rules for a car ride. Ask 20 questions and then play it again. Ask 20 questions through topics and play it again. Say 5 nice things to each other and do it again. Just do that and have great conversations.” The journey from Austin to Lake Tahoe and back is not a microwave journey. It’s a crockpot trip. It’s in the crockpot that we see things differently. We have great conversations, and we grow a little bit. Maybe we realize that we’re not always right. Maybe we realize that who we’re around now isn’t comfortable anymore, because they’re seeing the real side of us.  

Think about what this world looks like with people who want what they want in five seconds. They stay the same. But you guys listen, how good are you really for how long? Are you willing to believe when you’re not sure you quite believe anymore? Are you willing to stir up more questions when you’re simply out of questions? Are you willing to read one more book when you’re tired of reading? Are you willing to go to one more event when you’re tired of attending? Are you wiling to say “I”m sorry” one more time when you’re tired of taking personal responsibility? How good are you really for how long?  

During the year, as we transition from month to month and we get farther and farther from our bright shiny promises of a new you, this is when it happens. This is the natural separation of the vinegar and the oil. This is the natural separation in the gravy, y’all. The year started so strong, and then you turn around a few months later as a leader, whether it’s in marriage, bible study, business, or something else, and go, “Where did everybody go?” What would happen if the march stayed strong? I understand that greatness isn’t for everyone, you guys. I think that’s one of the hardest things to wrap our brains around. Greatness isn’t for everybody. Breakthrough isn’t for everybody. Fatigue isn’t for everybody. Soreness isn’t for everybody. Those of us that are willing to be really good for a long, long time will achieve and get to the top of the mountains that we’ve always believed in. I can tell you guys, everything is great for an hour. Everything is great for two weeks. Everything is great for six weeks. But is it great for seven? Is it great for ten? I think that’s why seven is very much a foundational word. Seven is completion. What if you had to do something consistently for seven days? Have you ever realized how we lose focus in day two, day three, day four? What if you had to do something consistently for seven months? Could you make it? What if you had to do something consistently for seven years, and you were promised nothing? Nothing. You’re going to see no results. You’re going to see no victories. You’re going to see nothing until day eight. You’re going to see nothing until August. You’re going to see nothing until year eight. Would you really, truly still be on the journey? That right there, you guys, is where I believe people begin to separate themselves. Are you in it to win it now, or are you in it to win it forever? As a leader, it’s hard to watch. It’s hard to watch people be so excited. You want to be so excited for them, but you know they’re going to fizzle out. I’d rather you not get excited at all. I’d rather see you just stay quiet than get so excited and make so many promises to your family and your children and to your team and to your leader only to fizzle out. Not because of them for sure, because people will still march on regardless. But because of what that looks like for you. That’s what makes me the most sad. It really self-ignites so much within self.  

So what is momentum really to you guys? Is it microwave or is it crockpot? Are you going to march and say, “I don’t care how many shoes I have to put on. I don’t care how tired I am. I don’t care how lost I am. I don’t care how sore I get. I don’t care that I have blisters on my feet. I don’t care if everybody finishes with me. I really don’t. What matters most is that I finish. That my momentum stays strong. That my momentum defines me. That my momentum tells myself that I can do anything that I decide to do. That my momentum at the same time will master those seven decisions. The buck stops here. The end. I take personal responsibility. I choose joy.” It’s not a, “I choose joy when everything is going my way.” It’s a, “I choose personal responsibility when maybe it wasn’t my responsibility.” I will say thank you, even when you may not have deserved a thank you. I have people in my life who I think, If I could put your face in mud I would. But I don’t, because I have to stay the course. I have to walk out in a crockpot. I have to say I’m sorry, even if it wasn’t my place to say I’m sorry.  

You guys have got to realize that my momentum is what matters the most to me. I think what a lot of people do is try to force an influence. I received the sweetest text from a girl that I just started mentoring. She’s a leader (not in our business or any direct sales business) and she said, “You’ve earned the influence that you have.” That really got me reflecting. She said, “You’ve got a huge umbrella, and people rest up under your umbrella. You’ve earned that.” So that makes me think, Thank you! I love that. That made me feel good. But why? Why? What does that mean? I really think it’s my ability to stay the course when I don’t feel like it. My ability to rise above my feelings because nobody cares how Robbie feels. My ability to choose victory every single day. My ability to choose perspective every single day. My ability to stay the course. My ability to do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. My ability to stay in The Word because that’s the only source of wisdom I can get, understanding that I’m responsible for myself. So when somebody gives you that compliment or somebody tells you great job, ask yourself, “Why do I deserve to hear that?” It will take you places you’ve never been. Because life is a crockpot. Life is not a microwave. Sometimes, sure, in five minutes we’ll have a victory. But we don’t remember the five minute victories. Or the microwave victories. We remember the crockpot victories. We remember the private battles within our own quiet time, and in warring and worship. Our own quiet victories will far outweigh our loud victories on social media or in person or for the world to see. Most people don’t understand that it’s in the private moments, the crockpot moments and what’s on the pages of our journals. Those are the moments we remember far more than we remember the five minute victories.  

So, what’s momentum? Are you in it to win it in a crockpot environment for year eight, month eight, day eight? Or are you in it to win it in the next five minutes? Because that’s really the longest you could take it.  Last I checked, the world is millions of years old. Last I checked, companies have been around for a long, long time. Last I checked, humanity has been around for a long, long time. Last I checked, there’s more successful people than any of us reading this will ever become. Last I checked, there’s people poorer than any of us reading this will ever be. Last I checked, there’s people living greater. On, and on, and on. So how do we get by in the life that we live today? We take dominion, y’all. We take full responsibility, and we choose the length of our momentum. You may want to go 150mph, but don’t burn out. Or you may want to stay steady. Stay steady and do the same pitch over and over. Do the same free throw over and over. Throw the same football over and over. Run the same lap over and over, simply for a Super Bowl or to get to the Olympics. It’s nothing new. It’s the same thing. Do the simple things that work, that are steady and constant over and over. So really, it’s the people who were really good for a long time who made history. They weren’t great. They were really good for a long time. That’s what they did.  

So I challenge you today: Be really good for a long time so that the world will see how great you really can be and the great things you really can do.  

Choose the victories in your life. Choose to go without the shadow of a doubt. Choose to claim a crockpot environment for your life. Remember, we remember the victories that we fought so hard for. We remember the victories when we were on our knees. We remember the victories when we had to keep believing. We don’t remember the victories when we snapped our fingers and things just happened for us.


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