Choose This Day Who You Will Serve

Mar 22, 2021

Let’s kick this week off with a little Bible study.

Come with me as I talk you through the journey of the God that I serve.

Consider this a little sneak peak to a month of absolute fire that I’m bringing to my Inner Circle in April.

It’s time we start expecting the God of Miracles once again.

It’s time we start to be Holy Askers.

What is the key to all the blessings and promises God has for you?!

Listen in as I share what I truly believe can unlock the very future you desire.

In April, in my exclusive group called The Inner Circle, I’m teaching my course, “The Law of Attraction.”

I’m inviting YOU to join! You can find all the details at

Tune in every Monday to a brand new episode, or join me and my guests on my YouTube channel every Thursday at 3pm/cst as we record the podcast LIVE! Enjoy this week’s podcast, friends!