Girl Chat: Let’s Get Controversial! Politics and Christmas

bestfriends chitchat friends girl chat momepreneur Nov 09, 2020

Anyone feeling like there’s no freaking way this is happening in my country?! I am right there with you! After the week we have all had, I think a girl chat podcast is exactly what we all need. Join Melissa Geoffrion, Cali Attwood, Danielle Perkins and me as we talk about how we are all feeling after this crazy election week we have had.

We get everything out on the table, the highs and the lows because sometimes you just need to talk it out with your girls. Plus we couldn’t only talk about politics, so we are getting pretty controversial with the question of are we decorating early for Christmas?! You’ll have to listen to find out!

I hope out of everything that we have been through lately, you can listen in to this episode, feel like you’re sitting with friends, and have a laugh or two for your day. Enjoy this week’s podcast!