Hello 2021!

bestfriends chitchat girl chat girltime momepreneur Jan 11, 2021

WE’RE BACK!! My first podcast in 2021 is LIVE!! A brand new podcast episode for all of you AND a brand new name and look, too. Welcome to The Robbie Page Podcast! This year on the podcast, I’m bringing you all the things y’all are loving: girl chats, business wisdom, vulnerability, life wisdom, and controversial topics. Always fun, and perhaps a little cussing cus it’s 2021 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tune in every Monday to a brand new episode, or join me and my guests on my YouTube channel every Thursday at 3pm/cst as we record the podcast LIVE!

This week’s episode, I’m chatting with Melissa Geoffrion, Cali Attwood and Danielle Perkins all about 2021, what we are loving, our favorite cuss words and what shows we are watching. You know it’s always a good time on the podcast! Enjoy this week’s podcast, friends!