Is This Our New Normal

businesswoman coaching decisions entrepreneur podast politics Oct 05, 2020

This is a pissed off Robbie Page. I feel like I’m living in The Handmaid’s Tale with everything going on! Am I the only one feeling this way?!

What has happened to the land that I love?!
What has happened to the beautiful America that I love?!
What has happened to FREEDOM?!
What has happened to treating people with respect and kindness?!

We now live in a country where airlines are kicking off mothers with their children because their toddlers won’t wear a mask! WHAT IN THE WORLD? Why? For what reason?! Is it really because a two year old could carry a virus or because of a feardemic?!

I’m beyond DONE! I want the country I know and love back. So I’m warning you this podcast episode is a very real, raw, and unedited Robbie. And NO, I will not apologize for being deeply patriotic or caring deeply for people!

I hope you’re awake and seeing what’s going on, because I am. It’s like living in an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Welcome to a totalitarian society.