Making up our own vocabulary and Christmas themes!

autumn bestfriends chitchat friends girl chat Nov 23, 2020

Y’all get ready to laugh with us in this episode! We kick off this girl chat podcast with words we (Cali & I) use improperly (who knew?!). I guess that’s why we need Melissa and Danielle lol! We all balance each other out here.

Plus, I’m giving a few of my Christmas decorating tips that all the girls have said they love and use in their homes every year. We are excited to share our Christmas themes and how we all love to decorate this holiday season.

It’s just a fun, girl chit chat podcast that I know y’all are going to love this week! Grab your favorite hot beverage, get in a cozy place, and get ready to have some fun with us! Enjoy this week’s podcast!