Supporting Small Businesses and What’s On Our Christmas Lists!

bestfriends chitchat christmas friends girl chat Nov 30, 2020

It’s Monday, and that means it’s a new episode for the podcast! I’m excited to bring you another girl chat episode.

Join me in this week’s podcast with my girls, Melissa Geoffrion, Cali Attwood, and Danielle Perkins as we chat shopping small and what’s on our Christmas lists. What if this Christmas we truly supported people we know? The girls and I are sharing our thoughts on how much supporting small businesses matters this year more than ever when it comes to Christmas. And of course we can’t help but share what’s on all of our Christmas lists that we are giving to Santa!

So get cozy and pull up a chair, because this podcast is going to feel like you are right there chatting with us, and I absolutely love that. Enjoy this week’s podcast, friends!