Woman to Woman Conversation with Magen Reaves

I love to feature women on my podcast! Today I am beyond fired up to bring you an incredible life conversation with a beautiful friend, Magen Reaves. If you love real, women to women conversations about being a Mom, to being passionate and successful entrepreneurial woman, like I do, you will not want to miss this weeks episode. Magen is a power house that shares her everyday life, fashion tips, family, and all that she loves on her social media while also being a boss babe with a full time direct sales business. I love having heart to hearts with women that are running after their passions and dreams, while still owning being a wife and a Mom. And that is exactly who Magen is. So pull up a chair and join us because I know you will enjoy this weeks podcast! Follow Magen on social media and her website. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magenreaves Website: https://magenreaves.com/


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