Why Is Everyone Hating on Rich People?

WHY does everyone hate on rich people?! I have seen post after post, after post! Rich people carry the weight of the world. So excuse me while I get on my soap box with this episode, but I am! Your life goes in the direction of what we see and your greatest days are ahead of you. 

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Is This Our New Normal

This is a pissed off Robbie Page. I feel like I’m living in The Handmaid’s Tale with everything going on! Am I the only one feeling this way?!

What has happened to the land that I love?!
What has happened to the beautiful America that I love?!
What has happened to FREEDOM?!
What has happened to treating people with respect and kindness?!

We now live in a country where airlines are kicking off mothers with their children because their toddlers won’t wear a mask! WHAT IN THE...

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What Can You Catch

Does anyone else feel like their marriage is internally combusting during this season? Or is it just me? I'm not going to lie, I've let those little itty bitty things that Brian does get to me. The things that don't even matter! Here's the thing, I know better than that but this is real talk. I have decided to challenge myself because I don't want to be irritated with my husband during this whole time. So...I'm challenging you in your marriage, or with...

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Calling All Women

If you are easily offended this is not the podcast for you girls. I have warned you. I believe we live in the greatest time to be a woman. This podcast is for all the wives, moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, grandmothers. If you are a woman this podcast is for you! I want to lite a fire under you on this Monday despite where we are in our country. I want you to remember that you can choose to have a decided heart on anything you want in your life. Yes, I...

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You Do You

You Do You! I did this training with one of my close coaching groups, The Table, and they all (literally almost all of them) told me I needed to share this everywhere. So here it is! Stop looking for the approval of others! Stop letting others define who you should be! Stop trying to become someone else! This is one of those messages that I believe is for everyone, in one way or another. Watch it. Then, You Do You (Boo)! Enjoy this week’s podcast!

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