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  • Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019

  • Times:10:00 am CST to 11:30 am CST    OR    7:30 pm CST to 9:00 pm CST

  • Workshop coach: Tasha Smith, Founder of Emerge Sales Training


  1. Once you register, you will receive an email with login information to the Emerge Sales Training learning portal

  2. You will have an icon for the "Closing Workshop"

  3. Click on the course inside the learning portal to retrieve Zoom information

  4. Login to the Zoom meeting 5-10 minutes before start time. The recording will be uploaded a few hours after the workshop ends. 


  • How to create a simple sales process that gets your products in customers' homes within a week.

  • The skill of scheduling appointments so that you can enjoy the party or your child's sporting event.

  • Why people resist buying and what you can do about it without being or feeling "sales-y".

  • How to make it easy for your customer to BUY.

  • A sales process that has customers saying, "Hey this is easy, I think I can do this, too!"


Tasha has been my sales and leadership coach now for a little over 90 days and the incredible impact she's had on the way I walk out each day and attack goals is almost impossible to place a value on. Tasha has helped me elevate my game in both business and life; everything from being a better team leader, a better team builder and recruiter, a better strategist and activator... all the way to how to balance the load and weight I carry being a successful business woman while also being a wife, a mom, a sister, and a friend. Tasha is able to relate to the world around me and understand that I not only want to be the best at what I do... I want to be the best at WHO I AM! This is going to be one of those workshops you don't want to miss! Putting the joy back into what I do has launched me into massive action in all areas of life... and I'm now having more FUN than I've had in my business in a long time! Don't miss your chance to sit with someone who will be able to improve your sales no matter what your Super Power is and make selling an enjoyable experience!

-Robbie Page

Join Us For 9 Weeks of Sales & Recruiting Coaching

This is a private group with Tasha doing live calls for Robbie and friends ONLY.

Taught by AJ, Emerge Sales & Leadership Coach

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