My focus has never been on the quantity of years I live on this earth,  but rather the QUALITY of years that I do. I don’t spend a day figuring out how not to get sick. I spend every day making sure my home is healthy. That’s why it’s always been important in my home to not only watch the food that we eat, but also the supplements that we take. I’m a HUGE believer in supplementation, and here’s a list of my absolute faves…
1. Bye Bye Bloat: Because I don’t want to look 9 months pregnant. (enter code: Melissa30 for 30% off)
2. AM/PM: Wake up happy, sleep peacefully.
3. Probitotics: Healthy intestines.
4. M1ND: Fireworks for the brain.
5. Nevo: Awakens my brain at 5 am every morning.
6. #moodpills: For those kinda days. (enter code: Melissa30 for 30% off)
7. Optavia Bars: My personal chef all day long. (contact Kurt Kjellstrom: 817-991-2181, code: Robbie)
8. pH Balanced Cleanser: Vag wash - enough said. (enter code: Melissa30 for 30% off)
9. Reserve: Super fruits, antioxidants… I love feeling great!
10. Zen Shape: My favorite fat burner because I don’t eat perfect.
11. Zen Prime: Easiest cleanse of my life.
12. Revita Blu: Plant based, coconut water, blue green algae… things my body needs in order to be the best me.
13. Zen Fuze Protein Shakes: The only controlled meal of my day, first thing in the morning.
14. AloMun: Because do you understand the benefits of aloe vera? I do, and this one TASTES amazing!