I’ve always said that when you change the heart, the wine will change. When my heart changed, wine became a culture that interested me. I love the study of it, I love the presentation of it, I love the quality of it, and I love the ambiance that it creates. A perfect night to me would include Michael Bublé music playing, sitting in my white room at my house, feet up, chatting with Brian, and a yummy glass of Cab in my hand.
Here are a few of my favorite wine accessories for you to create your own cozy, personal wine bar in your own home:
Wine glasses - Now this is a pretty personalized selection, and to each her own when it comes to style and preference. BUT if you’re just starting out, these selections from Williams and Sonoma are fantastic for any budget and set you up for your wine adventure on the right foot.
1. Williams Sonoma Vine Red Wine Glasses
2. Williams Sonoma Stemless Red Wine Glasses
3. Williams Sonoma Angle White Wine Glasses
4. Coravin: This is worth every cent! Want to open a bottle of wine but only want one glass? No problem! This little invention makes your wine bottle stay fresh longer and pours you a glass without even popping the cork! (For reals!)
5. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes: I love to chill my wine, but I don’t want melted water to dilute it one bit. These genius cubes go right in the freezer and are ready for me to use whenever I pour a glass.
6. Wine glass covers: When you’re outside, the last thing you need is for bugs to end up in your glass - yuck! Enter glass toppers in fun colors… you’re welcome!
7. Rabbit Electric Wine Set: The set up itself is super impressive. It has everything you need to serve a great bottle of wine for a party of 2 or 20.
8. Yeti Wine Tumblers: No fuss wine glasses that keep your wine chill and you don’t have to worry about breaking.