You are the variable in all the things. 

Whether it’s life, business, marriage, or parenting, I have found that difference between who I KNOW I can be and who I am RIGHT NOW is…


Simple, huh?

I am bringing YOU what I’ve learned over the last 16 years of my journey from who I once was to who I am today.

This course is all about YOU!

You will find that the topics that make up, frame, create, and guide who YOU are becoming are the very topics I will break down into lessons for you. This is a DIY project of the utmost importance. It’s the difference in you staying the same or bursting out into the greatest YOU this world has ever seen!

YOU are the greatest corporation, dynasty, business, empire, and LEGACY you could ever invest in. It all starts HERE. It all starts with YOU. The world is waiting on YOU!


T H E  B R E A K D O W N   

What’s in it for YOU?

       Each month, you will receive:

  • 4 virtual lessons (one per week) from Robbie Page focusing on the topic of the month
  • Interactive guide to take notes for each lesson
  • An opportunity for a Q&A session with Robbie Page
  • YOU INK membership portal with all your lessons and homework
  • Access to our YOU INK members-only Facebook community
  • Weekly homework for you to dig in and apply your new knowledge
  • Weekly email to help you maximize your success
  • Access to your courses on your computer, phone, or tablet

“Walk the Walk”

You’ll step out of each month with:

  • New knowledge and perspective shifts that will help you conquer each day
  • Notes and homework exercises you can refer back to as you journey through life
  • A virtual community of like-minded women to lock arms with
  • Wisdom and instruction from Robbie’s lifetime of experiences, lessons learned, and success.

Meet Robbie

Robbie Page has devoted the last 16 years of her life to the intensive and all-encompassing study of YOU.

She has walked through a majority of the major life crises - foreclosure, bankruptcy, burying a child, betrayal, losing jobs, and losing parents - and in the end, has emerged VICTORIOUS.

She has built not one, but two multi-million-dollar-producing Direct Sales businesses, earning over $5 million dollars in the last ten years. In 2017, she founded Robbie Page Enterprises and is currently the CEO, as a life coach to over 1,000 women nationwide. Her finest work is being married to Brian for 25 years and raising two fine young men, Riley (16) and Reagen (23). More in love with life than ever, she wants to bring you practical and PROVEN wisdom and guidance through the topics that make up, frame, create, and guide YOU on the journey to becoming your very best self!


Pay Monthly


Recurring Payment - Cancel Anytime

$27 / monthly

Annual Membership

(Best Value)

Recurring Payment Every 12 months
(2 months FREE)

$270 / annually

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By adding The IC to your YOU INK membership, you’ll get 8 more supplemental lessons to dig deeper, live and interactive zooms with Robbie, 3 panel discussions, bonus content, more homework to journey through, opportunities for exclusive events, and more!

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Q: What is YOU INK?
A: YOU INK is a self-paced, monthly membership for women who want to reset and sort themselves out. We will focus on a different theme of life each month, with corresponding lessons and homework for you to digest and implement immediately. 

Q: What is the price?
A: $27/month or $270/year (get two months for FREE!)

Q: What do I receive when I join?
A: You receive access to our YOU INK membership portal where the lessons will take place, as well as access to a private YOU INK Facebook community. You will also receive homework to dig into and activate in your life.

Q: How many lessons do I get?
A: Each month contains (4) 30 minute lessons.

Q: How do I view the lessons?
A: Each lesson will be uploaded into the YOU INK portal. You can view on your phone, computer, or tablet. 

Q: How long will I have to view the lessons?
A: Each month, the lessons will remain in the portal for you to view until the end of that calendar month. The lessons will come down on the last day of each month at 11:59 pm/cst. 

Q: How do I cancel my YOU INK membership?
A: You can log in to your YOU INK membership portal and cancel your membership at any time, hassle-free. 

Q: If I cancel, can I join again at a later date?
A: Absolutely!

Q: How can I contact you with questions?
A: You can email our team at [email protected] or message us on Facebook @Robbie’s Dream Team. We are here to help you!

All Sales Final. No Refunds. Non-transferrable.

Here's what ladies have to say about Robbie Page's Workshop - style lessons and wisdom:

Pat in Texas:

I love that the wisdom in these workshops challenges me to grow and be better in ways that I wouldn’t do on my own. Robbie’s enthusiasm makes it so fun to learn things from a new perspective.

Danielle in Texas:

The most noticeable result for me after taking the workshops has been my perspective. Before the workshops I had no idea what was wrong, why I felt that way, etc. I gain so much insight it’s like a light bulb finally turning on. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

Marcine in Oklahoma:

I love the wisdom and the concentration on a theme in these workshops. I love that you can go back and re-watch. Being able to re-watch it and hearing Robbie’s passion and the way she says things alone is motivating/inspiring.