Who & What is Zilis?

Zilis (pronounced /za-Lease/) means ‘nutrition multiplied’ in Swahili. ULTRA means above and beyond, a cut above the rest, top notch. At Zilis, that is how we operate. Our brands provide the very best in hemp oil and Mimetix. Our ULTRA care and opportunities make sure that those in need are provided for and that our Ambassadors have the best chance for success. Excellence is who we are and the ULTRA experience is our promise.

What is the Challenge?

Our challenge is a seven day health experience. Everyone has a desire to improve in some way. Ask yourself: What areas of my health do I want to support? If you could experience a difference in only seven days, would you be willing to give it a shot? This is what our challenge is all about. We invite you to get started today!

You can try the number one CBD oil in the Nation for a full week for just $5/day! Click the button to request your Challenge Products today!

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